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    What will my session by like?
    Fun, fun, fun! You might feel a little nervous at first, but not for long. A friendly and fun atmosphere will put you at ease.

    Express yourself! What should I bring?
    If you have a hobby, bring it along! Musical instruments, theatrical props, favorite artistic endeavors, cheerleading, athletic uniforms, or even your favorite stuffed animals. Think creatively and you’ll have a portrait for lifetime memories. Include your pets and friends for memorable good times.

    Does my session have to be in a studio?
    Sweetpea Photography knows many great locations for outdoor sessions.

    What should I wear?
    Formal Portraits – Solid colors of dark tones of green, brown, rust, wine or blue with long sleeves.

    Casual Portraits – Black, white and khaki work the best. For all photos avoid plaids, checks, and bold prints. These draw the eye away from the face and do not photograph well.